Elves can turn gumdrops into lollipop trees, but they'll need your help with just a few things to make your appointment magical.

Basic kitchen tools

We ask our customers to own basic kitchen tools, like:

  • oven, stove, and microwave
  • big pots and pans
  • baking sheets

Your Elf will bring all other cooking tools. If you're missing any of these basic tools, email us and we'll try to help.

Entry to your home

Please provide entry instructions (or be home), otherwise your Elf won't be able to cook for you. We've tried using chimneys, but they're really messy 😀. 

Many customers leave a hidden key, like they do for a house cleaner. 

If your Elf can't reach you after 15 minutes of your scheduled start time, your appointment will be cancelled.

Don't leave dirty dishes

Your Elf doesn't expect an immaculate kitchen, but please have your pots and pans clean for use and surfaces that clean enough to prepare food on after the Elf does a quick sanitizing wipe down.

If an Elf has to spend 10+ minutes cleaning before she starts, you'll be charged a $20 cleaning fee. 

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