You can pay an extra fee for your Elf to shop for premium/ organic groceries:

  • 2-person size dinners: extra $20/appt
  • family size dinners: extra $30 /appt

A few considerations:

  • This upgrade applies to your entire order. We don't offer an organic option for only specific groceries (e.g. just the chicken) in an appointment.
  • Your Elf will purchase organic ingredients whenever an equivalent organic ingredient is in-stock at the grocery store.
  • If an organic/premium ingredient is not in stock, the non-organic version will be used without refund. We'll make our best effort. 
  • Common ingredients, such as cooking oils and spices, are stocked by each Elf individually and are not typically organic.
  • Your Elf will shop at a regular grocery store (e.g. HEB) for organic groceries unless you request a specific store (e.g. Whole Foods) within 3 miles/10 minutes of your home.
  • NOTE:  We recommend you evaluate your menu to see if you typically see organic versions of key ingredients in your local grocery. Certain ingredients are not usually stocked in organic form, including turkey, pork and most seafood (except salmon). Our Elves will do their best to suggest organic alternatives or purchase hormone-free or wild-caught premium substitutes.
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