Like a restaurant, your price varies on your menu selections. For an incredibly personal and convenient option, we're very affordable. 

What does it cost?

For every appointment, we cook 3 nights of dinner (a main and side): 

  • Family size - serves 2 adults plus 2-4 kids; starts at $120 ($10/serving)
  • 2-person size - serves 2 adults; starts at $100 ($16.68/serving)

The above prices include groceries, shopping, cooking, and cleanup. Tax and tip (normally $15) are extra.

Pricing notes

  • Half of our menu is available at our lowest prices.
  • Request organic groceries for a small up-charge ($20-$30).
  • Family size is our best value (twice the food than 2-person size).
  • Our casseroles are huge (good value).
  • Many of our customers save money using Dinner Elf by not making impulse buys in the store. 😊
  • Order frequently? Join our savings club for $10-$20 off every appointment.


We know you have other options, so you can compare us to:

more expensive, but we give you back time

Meal kits:
similar price, but we cook your food and clean up

Grab and go:
similar price, but we let you skip the pick up

Restaurant delivery:
similar price, but we're healthier 

 Eating out: similar price, but we're easier

Try Dinner Elf the next time you need a break from groceries, cooking and clean up!

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