We're surprisingly affordable and offer a variety of pricing options. 


Your Elf always cooks three nights of dinner in one of two sizes:

  • Family size - Starts at $120 ($10/serving) for three nights of dinner serving 2 adults plus 2-4 kids (not including tax and tip)
  • 2-person size - Starts at $100 ($16.68/serving) for three nights of dinner serving two adults (not including tax and tip)

Prices include groceries, shopping, cooking, and cleanup and can increase based on your choice of dinner and organic groceries.

Customers report saving $60-$120 off their weekly grocery bill, so for the extra they spend on Dinner Elf, they get back hours in their week and feed their people well.

Best value

Sort by "Least expensive" to find $25 mains and $15 sides. These $40 "family size" dinners serve two adults plus 2-4 kids (roughly $10/serving).
"Family size" dinners always offer the best value compared to "2 person", as they're are twice the size and only $20 more. 

For even greater value, join Dinner Club, our loyalty program, and your price can drop as low as $8.50/serving when booking your appointments on Wed-Sat. 


We know you have other options, so you can compare us to:

Meal kits: similar price, but we cook and clean up

Grab and go: similar price, but we let you skip the pick up

Restaurant delivery: similar price, but we're healthier 

 Eating out: similar price, but we're easier

Give Dinner Elf a try next time you need a break from groceries, cooking and clean up!

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