Save time and get dinners you'll love. Set favorites from your online account to more easily pick dinners for all of your appointments. 👍

  • Your suggested menus will come from your favorites.
  • Your main and side swap options will come from your favorites.

Updating Your Favorites

Add or remove mains and sides from your favorites page

On your favorites page, you can filter dinners and then add/remove many at once.


  • Allergies - Set your menu to only include gluten-free dinners.
  • Preferences - If you don't like Italian food, remove this cuisine.
  • On going - If you didn't like a specific dinner from an order, remove it from your menu so you don't see it again. 

How many favorites?

On your favorites page, you'll see the number of mains and sides currently in your favorites list. Click "Removed" to see the dinners you've removed.

For variety, we recommend 50+ mains and sides in your favorites. We require 10+ mains and sides to create orders with a balance of stove/oven cook methods.

New dinners

New dinners created by Dinner Elf will automatically get added to your favorites. You can opt-out from your profile page

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