When you put dinner on autopilot, you'll get your favorite day and Elf and save $5-$10 per appointment. 

How it works

In your account, select Autopilot when booking an appointment

Pick your favorite day and Elf for every week or every other week.

Your appointments will be automatically scheduled out 30 days. 👍

Big savings

By putting dinner on autopilot, you'll automatically join our Savings Club for free (a savings of $49/year). As a member you'll save:

  • $5/appointment on Sunday-Tuesday
  • $10/appointment on Wednesday-Saturday

As long as your dinner is on autopilot, you'll save on every appointment, even if not on your regularly scheduled time.

Lock in your favorite spot

Popular days and Elves get booked up quickly. When your dinner is on autopilot, you'll get your favorite spot before anyone else. 

No commitment

Recurring appointments have no extra commitment with our same cancellation policy (cancel by 5pm three days prior for no fee).

With that said, we kindly ask you to make a good faith effort to give business to your Elf. For frequent cancellations (e.g. four times in a row), we reserve the right to cancel your autopilot so other customers can book with them.

Save time

Since your appointments are auto-booked, you can skip scheduling.

Our goal is to fix dinner for you! We hope this helps. 😀

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