To hold an appointment on your Elf's calendar, we charge a $35 deposit when booking which is applied to your total. 

If you have a recurring appointment, we don't charge a $35 deposit. 

Payment method

  • We offer payment by credit card or PayPal. 
  • We always require a (backup) payment method, even if you have a large balance from a gift card or meal coordination page.
  • You can update your payment method from your online Billing page any time.

Appointment invoice

You can see your current and pending charges on the bottom of your appointment page. For example:

Appointment charges

Since you can update your menu until 5pm the night prior to your appointment, we don't charge you for your balance until the evening prior. 

If you have a balance on your account (someone gave you a gift card), your balance will be charged before your payment method.

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