Thanks for looking at Dinner Elf to fix dinner. 👍 Learn how we work. 

Pick a date and time 

Find a spot that works in your schedule. You'll find reviews and ratings on all of our Elves. You don't have to be home. 

Pick your menu

Our big menu works for most diets and tastes. We start at $10/serving, including all groceries. 

Your Elf arrives

Your background-checked cook arrives at your home with groceries and tools. She'll prepare 3 nights of dinner in a two hour cooking appointment. 

Your Elf cleans up

Your kitchen should be cleaner than you left it. ✨


Q: Do you offer delivery?
A: No, we cook exclusively in the home. Our focus is home-cooked love! ❤️

Q: You're booked out for a few weeks. What's up?
A: We get busy. Many customers book a single appointment. If they like their experience, they put dinner on autopilot to get on an Elf's weekly schedule.

Enjoy dinner!

You'll have three nights of dinner ready in your fridge! Spend more time on what matters most. 😀


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