We're a little different from a traditional personal chef service. To keep prices low, our appointments are standardized. We always cook three dinners, each with a main and side. Depending on your needs, we might be a great fit for your dinner party. 

High-end, custom dinner

If you need a plated, high-end dinner with appetizers, entrees, and desserts with special requests, we probably aren't a great fit. We recommend making a request via Thumbtack.com for more traditional chefs to bid on your dinner. 

Sit-down dinners of 6-12 adults

If you're flexible, we're an affordable fit (we start at $10/serving) for dinner parties between 6-12 adults.

Quantity of food

In a cooking appointment, we cook either 6 or 12 adult-size portions. For example, you might pick a variety of dinners to accommodate different guests:

  • vegetarian dinner (serving 4 adults)
  • meat dinner (serving 4 adults)
  • gluten-free dinner (serving 4 adults)

If you want more than 12 adult portions, book more than one appointment. 

If you want appetizers, pick from our party bites or salads menu. If you want desserts, pick a sweet side like our whole wheat raspberry oatmeal cups or our almond white chocolate chip breakfast cookies.


Book an appointment the same day to easily reheat items when guests arrive. Or, if an Elf is available, book 2-3 hours prior and to serve your food hot.

Finger-food for 20-30 guests 

Easily entertain from baby shower brunches to book clubs with our party bites menu. Everything can be prepared ahead of your next gathering and served bite-sized, utensil free, and at room temperature.

See the i icon for the party portions of each recipe to fit your crowd size.


Q: Can you deliver food?
A: No, we specialize in cooking in your home. 

Q: If I order an appetizer or dessert as a main or side, does this count as one of my 3 mains or 3 sides?
A: Yes. You can always book a second appointment if you need more food.

Q: Can you plate food?
A: For sit-down dinners, items are not normally plated, but you can leave a note for your elf. For party bite items, they are normally plated. 

We look forward to cooking for your group!

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