Have you been good? Get rewarded!


Our rewards include free dinners to visitors from the north pole.

50 points - one free side ($10)
100 points - two free sides ($20)
250 points - one free main ($40)
500 points - one free main ($40) and a recipe named after you (6 months)

Yep, you can add your name to the Dinner Elf menu for the world to see.

1000 points - two free mains ($80) and a recipe named after you (forever)
2500 points - three free mains ($120) and a visit from Santa

Yep, we'll actually arrange for Santa to visit your home any time of year. Really. 

Earning points

Earn points for using, promoting, and giving Dinner Elf. 

Earn 5 points (only once)
Follow Dinner Elf on Facebook or Instagram
Post your appointment food photo to Facebook/Instagram
Put your dinners on autopilot
Update your menu

Earn 10 points (every time)
Completed appointment
Give a Dinner Elf gift

Earn 25 points
Start a group gift (every time) *
Post to NextDoor or a Facebook group (only once) **

Earn 50 points
Referral (every time) *** 

The Fine Print

* Start a group gift: Points are awarded when at least 3 donors raise $200
** Group post: @mention Dinner Elf or send us a screenshot
*** Referrals are easy!

  • Recommend Dinner Elf to friends with your link or code.
  • They use your link or code on checkout. Or they can just mention your name.
  • They get $10 off their first regular appointment.
  • After we cook for them, you get 50 points. 👍

Legacy points

Our rewards program started in January 2019. 

To our wonderful customers who used Dinner Elf prior to this time, you'll get points for your past actions and earn rewards for your future actions. 

For example, you may already have 70 points and soon earn a reward at 100 points.

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